Feldhammer Dixon Kwo is a full service accounting firm that specializes in owner-managed businesses.

Located in Montreal, Quebec, the firm is dedicated to helping business owners, professionals and self-employed individuals through the good and bad.

The company was originally founded in the 1940s. It was purchased by the Feldhammer brothers in 1987 from the Estate of the original owner. We combine the charm of the old, such as the quality of service and dedication, with the technology of today.

We pride ourselves on building long lasting customer relationships by keeping our clients happy so that they come back year after year. In fact, we even have 3rd generation clients still with us! Pretty good, eh?


Professionalism is a great word but what does it mean? For Feldhammer Dixon Kwo, it means loyalty, dedication and hard work, and all this at a fair price. The quality of work can be proven by our repeat business and client longevity. Nobody is perfect, and sometimes mistakes may happen. True quality and professionalism is when you own up to your mistake and make it right. That is the challenging part of any business. Being there for a client when things don’t work out as planned, through the good and the bad, is one of our core beliefs and is the foundation of our exceptional quality of service and professionalism.


One of the things that separates us from the rest of the pack, is technology. We invest and upgrade systems and processes regularly to ensure that we keep up to date with the technology available in today’s fast paced world. Of course you are only as strong as the people running the show. Having the best technology without well-trained and dedicated staff is pretty much useless. Electronic filing and accessing clients’ personal and corporate information online using virtual government databases are just some of the technologies we utilize at Feldhammer Dixon Kwo. In addition, our modern IT infrastructure ensures that your data remains on a secure server at all times and cannot be lost or compromised.