December 06 2016 0Comment

How to report rental income

If you own a rental property or you choose to rent out a portion of your home, there are various expenses that you can deduct while calculating your net rental income. These include property taxes, home insurance, mortgage interest (not principal), utility costs, advertising, repairs and maintenance costs and property management costs. Unless the rental […]

December 03 2016 0Comment

How to sell your home and not pay taxes

Are you in the process of selling your home? It’s important to know that Canadians benefit from a generous tax break in the way of the principal residence exemption. When you sell your home, your capital gain is actually tax free if you designate it as your principal residence for the whole time it has […]

March 21 2016 0Comment

Small Business Tax Deductions Often Missed

It’s tax season and whether you know it or not, if you own a small business in Canada, you could be missing out on hundreds, even thousands of dollars each year simply because you are just unaware of the deductions available to you. This is a major problem, especially when it can be the difference […]

February 10 2016 0Comment

RRSPs or TFSAs: Which Investment Makes the Most Sense?

Trying to decide whether you should invest in a TFSA or an RRSP? You’re not alone! Generally speaking, higher income earners will be better served by an RRSP, while those making an income of under $35,000 should opt for a TFSA. But what about the moderate income earner, you ask? Let’s break things down and […]

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