The job is not done until the paperwork is completed. And there is lots of paperwork involved: GST/QST returns, corporate taxes, government reporting, bookkeeping, and payroll. It never seems to end. Anything that touches the corporation, we can handle. Our job is to ensure your efforts are directed towards running your business. Why spend your time filling out paperwork when you can rely on our expertise and fast, efficient service? Our key is the combination of smart and dedicated people with state of the art technology.


Our goal is to maximize the shareholder and corporate wealth by integrating both personal and corporate aspects in order to minimize taxes. Our approach always encompasses long-term planning with your corporation. Helping you keep your annual operating implementation costs low is of the utmost importance to us. Too many plans out there are needlessly complex and costly.


Like most accounting firms we offer financial statement services. We take the time to review and explain the results with every client. An educated client is a better client in our books.


Our experienced team is highly skilled at preparing tax returns. We know all the ins and outs on how to get you the biggest tax refund possible. We file the vast majority of our tax returns electronically.


Help! Nobody likes to be audited. It will cause you stress, time and money. We try to keep your stress levels down by being the middleman. We manage the whole audit process right from our office. We have dedicated rooms for the government auditors. Essentially, we keep the auditor from disrupting your life and keep you focused on what’s most important: managing your business.


Tax reorganization is a very complex area. It is essential for us to understand your business, your family, and your wishes. We plan and implement these complex re-organizations with a select group of tax attorneys. At FDK we believe that one plan does not fit all You are not in business to make the accountants and lawyers rich! We will advise you as to what your best options are so that you get what you really need in the most cost efficient way.


We can assist you in finding financing programs for your business or your property. This is just one of the many services we do to help make your life easier.


We assist you with incorporating your business and applying for all the various applicable tax registration numbers. It’s complicated and costly stuff. We will help you keep cost to a minimum and guide you through the process. We will explain which year-end is right for your corporation, whether you need a shareholders’ agreement, and discuss the pros and cons of incorporating. We’ll let you know if we don’t think incorporating is right for your situation. The more informed you are about the different options, the better you can plan and make the right decisions.