Yes, death and taxes are the only sure things in life. Our long history of providing personal tax services to families is ideal when navigating the complex interaction between beneficiaries and executors. We can help you from A-Z and anywhere in between. Whether you need help organizing the affairs as an executor, help selling assets, or need financial statements prepared, we tailor our services to your needs.


Maybe you just need a will, or maybe something a little more complicated. Estate planning can sometimes be complex. We will work with a tax lawyer and notary, and lend our expertise and personal knowledge of your family to guide you in estate planning.


Busy, busy and busier! That is what life is like today. There are many reasons to need estate management services. Children may be out of country or just unable to handle the financial affairs. Sibling rivalries can often arise upon the death of a parent. As an executor you can be caught in the middle of this. We have big shoulders and are always independent and professional when dealing with other interested parties in the estate. Let us be your go-between.


We will complete all required filings and paperwork on your behalf. We will help you obtain clearance certificates if needed. We have over 30 years of experience with completing estate returns.


Sometimes you will need to report to all the beneficiaries in an estate. Sometimes trust can be an issue. We take this problem out of the equation. Concise and clear reporting is often essential for a well-run estate. There is no cookie cutter in this process. We will be up front and let you know whether or not this is something you really need.