We take personal accounting very seriously. It is important that we get to know our clients. We get to know our client’s family status, their goals and their dreams. The better we understand your needs, the better we can serve you.


Yup, everyone can type data into a tax software. The trick is to see what is not there, like what the client forgot to tell us or what they did not know is a deduction. Our state of the art software keeps multiple years of history on every client. We are online with both the Federal and Provincial governments and we file almost all returns electronically. We can easily obtain your tax history and tax carry forwards which is very important in today’s complex tax world.


When maximizing the wealth of the shareholder, the whole package must be examined carefully: personal taxes, corporate taxes, estate planning, and most importantly, your time.


Everyone has a partner. In Canada that partner is the government. Our job is to ensure that your tax burden is the lowest possible. We look beyond this year or the next. Serious tax planning requires a long-term outlook and we are in it for the long haul!


Nothing fancy here. No pie charts and graphs. We have no interest in your investments and we make no promises on returns on your investments. We sit with you to discuss long-term strategies and help you build a plan that you will understand and that is easy to manage. We will tell you the risks involved, and more importantly, we will explain the costs. What we often see are financial plans that are too costly to implement or too time consuming to manage. Our general rule of thumb is complexity costs, simplicity rules.